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Chinese stay creative to embrace winter chill

Updated: Jan 25,2016 2:09 PM

As a massive cold wave has gripped the nation, people have gotten creative in embracing the freezing temperature where they live. CCTV reporter rounds up some of the more creative ways to say, yes, it is indeed very cold.

Pour a pot of hot water when it’s minus 39 degrees Celsius outdoors and throw it to the air.

Watch how the boiling water becomes icy mist after it comes into contact with the freezing air. It is so pretty that it has become quite the recreation for people living in North China.

Zoo-kept penguins are used to near-freezing temperatures. But when it’s 30 degrees Celsius colder, their keepers say these birds too have a hard time coping. Hence those ice slides, to keep them busy.

And meet what used to be a pear. Now it’s so frozen it multi-tasks perfectly as a hammer. Well, I wouldn’t want to eat it or be hit by it for that matter.

As kids, we’ve all been told not to touch metal with moist hands in winter, but what happens when you do exactly that? Although this is pig skin, the same would happen to humans if you did this. Ouch, I told you so!

Finally, check out this map. It shows how thick your underpants should be depending on where you live. So watch carefully, and stay warm!