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Winter ‘Nadam’ kicks off

Updated: Jan 18,2016 9:55 PM

The traditional Mongolian festival known as “Nadam” has begun! Horse races, camel races, and even a camel beauty contest are among key attractions.

Locals and tourists brave temperatures of minus-20-degrees centigrade to enjoy the Winter Nadam fair!

Horse and camel-racing are key highlights, with riders competing in 4,000, 8,000, and 10,000-meter races and even a 4-by-2,000-meter relay, with up to 140 horses involved. Visitors and herdsmen alike enjoyed the games despite the bitter cold.

But the camels’ star turns aren’t confined to racing. They have their own beauty contest, a training contest, and a rein-twisting contest!

But let’s not leave human endeavor out of the equation! The locals are contesting football games, archery, and Mongolian wrestling. There’s a marathon too, and a skiing competition.

The “Nadam” festival is celebrated annually in Winter and lasts for a month. It serves to celebrate harvests and to pray for good luck.