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China finishes testing new aircraft at South Pole

Updated: Jan 11,2016 9:05 AM

China has finished testing a new plane set to help Chinese scientists at the Kunlun Station in Antarctica.

The aircraft called “Xue Ying 601”, or snow hawk, can fly for 8.2 hours continuously, and has a range of 3,000 kilometers. It’s the first Chinese plane of its kind to be deployed to the South Pole.

China’s Kunlun Station is located in an area called Dome A, which is thought to be the coldest place on the Earth’s surface. The aircraft will be able to fly to every corner of the continent.

“We know the Antarctic has the most hostile climatic condition on Earth, and Dome A has the most hostile climatic conditions in Antarctica. Undoubtedly the flight is an initiative in the aviation history of Antarctica,” said Sun Bo, vice-team leader of China Antarctic Expedition.