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Measures aim to make dream a reality

Updated: Nov 30,2015 10:06 AM

It’s been three years since the Chinese government unveiled the “Chinese Dream”. Since then, a wide range of reform measures aimed at making it a reality have been implemented. China’s household registration system, the one-child policy, the urban and rural pension systems and the educational enrollment system have all been reformed.

According to the schedule set by the government, it has several years left to complete the building of a “comprehensive well-off” society and 30 years to finish molding a “modern socialist country.” Here are some figures describing how the government envisions the “Chinese Dream.”

According to the report of 18th Party Congress, by 2020, China will build a comprehensive well-off society. Both GDP and individual income will double under the plan from the 2010 level. That means, by 2020, GDP would reach 90 trillion, and GDP per capita would be over 70 thousand yuan.

Experts predict that from 2020 to 2050, the Chinese economy will slow to an average growth of 5 percent year-on-year. By 2050 GDP is expected to be about 350 trillion yuan while GDP per capita is at 260,000 yuan.