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Innovation fair kicks off in Beijing

Updated: Nov 5,2015 10:17 AM

Chinese innovation industry has shown great momentum in recent years. In an innovation fair this week, startups presented many cutting-edge high-tech products, which not only attracts the public attention, but shows great market potential.

Cutting-edge high-tech products and softwares have caught people’s eyes in Beijing.

At an innovation fair in the Chinese capital, startups from China and some other countries are vying for the public and more importantly, the investors’ attention.

Some of them are approaching success, showing good market potential.

This is a voice-controlled intelligent robot. The drivers can use it as a navigator, a phone, or a music player.

With a Head Up Display or HUD and improved voice recognition system, the device liberalizes drivers’ hands while largely reducing the risks.

“Our product is the world’s first. We have very well combined the technologies of HUD and voice control into one device. Secondly, we have developed a voice recognition system that can identify the driver’s voice amid all the other noises, like the music and engine noise, in the car. This largely improves the accuracy of the voice control function,” Bruce Ma, founder of Beijing Ilejia Tech, said.

Some, on the other hand, apply high-tech to health.

Wang’s company has developed a sleep monitor for self apnea test. He himself is a sleep apnea patient. After spending a lot of money and a sleepless night in hospital with all the testing equipment on body, Wang begun to think about alternative ways to help patients like him.

This wireless sleep monitor tracks the user’s breathing throughout the night. It’s essentially a DIY pack to test whether you’re at risk of choking in your sleep, without all the complicated and off-putting hospital equipment.

“Studies show that more than 65 million people in China suffer from sleep apnea, and men are more likely to have the disease. We have had our product tested in a top public hospital in Hangzhou, and proved that our product has an accuracy rate of 97 percent in detecting sleep apnea. So we are confident that our product will help more people with the disease,” Wang Jianjun, co-founder of Shanghai Megahealth Technologies, said.

As China is gearing up to encourage mass innovation and entrepreneurship to maintain its economic growth, products like the above two that are affordable and help make people’s life more convenient, are believed to have capacious market prospects.