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Observations and expectations from ordinary Chinese

Updated: Oct 26,2015 2:08 PM

China’s Five-Year Plan has everything to do with people’s daily life. The last Five-Year Plan was made after the 2008 global financial crisis that has been seen as a crucial transitional stage in the Chinese economy and society. And the coming 13th Five-Year Plan is seen as a defining blueprint for China’s growth. But what do the common Chinese think? What have they observed and what do they expect from the plan? Let’s hear what they have to say.

“Seeing doctors is now much easier than before because of the community hospitals. And the online appointment system and the Medicare card have made the whole process more convenient,” a white-collar worker said.

“The healthcare system for the elderly people is much better. And the social benefits for employees have improved a lot. Also, people are now having much more leisure sports, like the square dance,” a cook said.

“Personally I strongly feel the convenience of public transportation. The high-speed railway network has saved my time of going home from over 20 hours to less than 5 hours. I really appreciate this,” a college student said.

“The biggest change I’ve felt is how easy shopping is. The e-commerce has saved me a lot of money, time and traveling. With a few clicks online, and the package will be delivered to my home in even less than a day,” a white-collar worker said.

“I hope the government could put more efforts on preschool education. Now there aren’t enough kindergartens for small kids and the fees are very expensive. The quality of kindergarten teachers also needs to be improved,” a Beijing resident said.

“The government can provide more social welfare. Even though we can’t adopt the way like what the Western countries do, at least we could make some steps forward in that direction,” a white-collar worker said.

“I hope there will be no traffic jams any more and everyone could follow the traffic laws. Now my dad has to ride his bicycle to send me to school every day because if by car, I’ll definitely be late for my class,” an elementary school student said.

“I’m a migrant worker and I hope the government could tighten the regulations on small enterprises so they could provide insurances and benefits which are guaranteed in the law,” a cook said.