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China’s economy not dragging down global economy

Updated: Sep 14,2015 10:19 AM

Other officials have shared their views on China’s economy. They expressed optimism about China’s economic future and say reforms should be basis for economic development.

Pan Jiancheng, China’s National Bureau of Statistics said: “Some countries are claiming that China’s economic slide is dragging down the global economy. But what is the reality? Chinese economy is growing at a rate of about 7 percent. There are few countries that can surpass China in economic growth.”

“What should we do next? There probably will be some major policy changes regarding financial reform and tax reform. The main goal is to activate micro-enterprises and the ability of entrepreneurs to innovate, and thus to lay a solid basis for China’s economic development in the long term,” said Cong Liang, National Development & Reform Commission.

Xu Hongcai, China Center for Int’l Economic Exchanges said:“Even if our economic growth slows down a bit, it does not mean that reforms are not important. Our economic growth should be of higher quality so that more people can benefit.”