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Classic Peking operas lined up for National Day run

Updated: Oct 6,2015 3:19 PM

China National Peking Opera Troupe will put on a different opera every night at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

The opening show was a combination of modern Peking operas by nearly 30 performers. The show included famous lines from “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy”, “The Red Lantern”, “Shajiabang”, and “The Red Detachment of Women”. Different shows are being performed every night during the holiday. Artists said this time they were looking at different ways of attracting more people to the performances.

“Young generations cannot accept regular Peking operas because they are too long. We have cut more than 20 minutes of narration from this show to make it move faster,” said Fu Jia, 24-year-old, National Peking opera Troupe.

Locals were impressed that there will be more than 100 artists performing during the holiday series.

“This time the team is very strong because they gathered young, middle-aged, and veteran artists. It’s a rare chance, and I definitely treasure it,” said Ma Cairou, audience member.

“I think it’s really good to watch a show with family members. You know, traveling is too tiring during the holiday because of the congestion on the expressway,” said Pi Yuanyuan, audience member.

Shows include an array of classics such as “The Orphan of Zhao”, “Female Generals of the Yangs”, and “Legend of the White Snake”. There will also be a highlights show on Oct 5, where different schools of opera are performed.