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China issues white paper on Tibet

Updated: Sep 7,2015 2:36 PM

China has issued a white paper on Tibet ahead of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the ethnic autonomous region. The white paper says that since regional ethnic autonomy came into practice in 1965, Tibet has established a new socialist system and witnessed major economic and social developments.

Tibet’s GDP has soared from $51.4 million in 1965 to $14.5 billion in 2014. There are more schools, better infrastructure, freedom for religious beliefs and a protected environment. People live richer lives, with the average annual increase of per capita income reaching over 10 percent.

The white paper released on Sept 6 lists the achievements of the past 50 years, describing it as a golden age for Tibet. A more important message is that Tibet’s development cannot be separated from the path of regional ethnic autonomy. The implementation of this system provides an institutional guarantee for the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet.