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Beijing gears up for military parade

Updated: Sep 1,2015 4:48 PM

With the military parade just around the corner, the capital is gearing up for the big day. As CCTV’s Wang Tongxuan reports, people here in Beijing are excited for the special day.

“Two of my grandparents were in the the Eighth Route Army. They often tell me of our history, and how many people sacrificed their lives to defend our homeland. I was born in the 1980s, a period during which China experienced rapid development. I feel so lucky and blessed because our generation can really enjoy life today. I feel so proud being Chinese. So many foreign and neighboring countries are joining us at the parade.”

“Our parents’ generation experienced that period of history. They still have a vivid memory of what happened in the war. We hope our daughter can learn about her country today by watching the parade as a form of patriotic education. When she gets older, she can think back and understand better.”

“I hope all the young people will remember this day. I wish China a prosperous future. I hope it becomes stronger, and for people’s lives to get better and better.”

“As a military enthusiast I look forward to seeing all the new home-made weaponry. I saw on the news that more than 80 percent of the weapons will be displayed for the first time. During the rehearsal, I also saw that planes looked different from those that took part in the parades for the 60th and 70th anniversary national day celebrations. So I’m looking forward to it.”

And with September the 3rd having been announced as a national holiday for hundreds of millions of people across China, everything seems to be in place to make it a day to remember.