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Story of China’s oldest canal told through opera in Brussels

Updated: Jul 9,2015 2:53 PM

Diplomatic ties between China and Europe are getting a boost from a Chinese opera now being staged in Brussels. It’s a work inspired by China’s oldest and longest canal, the Grand Canal, and forms part of cultural-exchanges under the so-called “Feel China” initiative.

The Belgian capital, also famed for its man-made waterways, staged the opera ‘Canal’ at its Royal Theater on the night of July 6.

China’s Grand Canal — also known as the ‘Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal’ — was constructed some fifteen-hundred years ago. It is the longest artificial waterway in the world, a famous tourist destination, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, it is celebrated in soaring melody, grandiose stage design, and sumptuous costumes. “Feel China” activities will continue to tour Europe to share Chinese history and traditions with new audiences.