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Tourism art zone opens in Tibet

Updated: Jun 26,2015 8:54 AM

A new tourism art zone, and a historical stage drama has just opened in the suburbs of Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region.

Centered around the outdoor ‘landscape’ drama “Princess Wencheng”, the Tibetan-style building complex opened its doors to visitors in May. The streets are lined with hotels, bars, and shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs.

This is where backpackers can immerse themselves in Tibetan culture, while enjoying some quality leisure time: read a book over a cup of tea during the day, and watch a landscape drama at night.

‘Princess Wencheng’ is a historically themed song-and-dance show that debuted in 2012 to great success. It revisits the true story of a Tang-dynasty princess sent by the emperor to marry the Tibetan ruler Songtsen Gamp. After a long overland trek, her presence ushered in peace for the rest of his reign.

Since the end of April, this landscape drama has been watched by some 30,000 viewers from around the world.

The tourism art zone provides an apt backdrop for the show. Meanwhile, people can soak up the environment and learn more about the historical background and customs of Tibet through the books sold here.

Once complete in three to five years’ time, the 30-billion-yuan complex is expected to become the biggest such art zone in Tibet. And, with its bars and plush facilities, the zone also aims at drawing foreign travelers.