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China Pavilion Day held at Milan Expo

Updated: Jun 10,2015 10:58 AM

China Pavilion Day was held on June 8 at the Milan World Expo. This year’s expo focuses on a theme of agriculture and food. And China, one of earliest countries in the world to develop an agricultural civilization, put all that experience to good use in Milan.

With the raising of the flag, China Pavilion Day kicked off in morning of June 8 local time. An art performance included kung fu and some serious dance moves. Some of China’s A-list artists treated expo officials and visitors alike with some unmistakenly Chinese flavor. Some fixed shows symbolizing the country’s long-standing farming tradition were also performed inside the pavilion.

A massive Chinese knot enscribed with the Chinese character Fu, which means “fortune” were put on display at the gate of the pavilion. Such signature cultural elements stood in sharp contrast with the more modern designs inside.

The Chinese pavilion’s theme is “Land of Hope, Food for Life”, which falls in line with expo’s theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The pavilion was constructed with laminated wood and made to resemble wheat waves. The impressive design and its inner displays have attracted 500,000 visitors, making it one of the most-visited pavilions at the event.

From the oldest agricultural book in China, to the traditional way of making tofu, to a gorgeous outfit made of silk. Visitors not only learn about the time-honored history of Chinese agriculture, but also the country’s contribution to the world, its modern farming equipment.

The China Pavilion made an impressive debut on May 1 when the expo opened. Since then, it has garnered loads of attention from the press. Thousands of newspapers have lauded the building. With the Milan expo continuing until October the 31st, there are still plenty of opportunities for visits to the Chinese wheat structure.