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Chinese field hospital provides medical assistance in Nepal

Updated: May 15,2015 10:38 AM

The series of earthquakes to have hit Nepal in the past three weeks have overwhelmed hospitals and medical facilities in the country. A Chinese field hospital has been helping provide much needed assistance to victims of the earthquakes.

Set up April 27, just two days after the 8.1 magnitude earthquake, a hospital in Dhulikhel has been helping patients in need. More than 700 patients were sent to the hospital, requiring medical aid after the earthquake.

And since the latest earthquake struck on May 12, the number of patients has increased.

“This patient was sent here for treatment for injuries she suffered, when she jumped from the second-floor of a building, when the latest 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck yesterday. She suffered injuries in her belly, pelvis and right leg. She is now in a stable condition after treatment,” said Lin Xi, group leader of Chinese Government Medical Team.

“After the latest earthquake, we received six patients and immediately gave them emergency treatment. Last night, after 8:30, we received about 11 patients who were transferred from Dhulikhel Hospital. We predict there will be more patients coming. So we have reserved space for these new patients in advance,” said Liu Kejia, team leader of Chinese Government Medical Team.

The field hospital has about 40 patients, ranging in age from one to 85. Most patients are being treated for bone injuries; some are under observation.

The team leader says as long as there is a need, the medical staff are ready to receive more patients.