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Over 100 Chinese painting of peonies go on display in Shanghai

Updated: May 13,2015 9:35 AM

The peony is China’s national flower, and more than a hundred traditional Chinese paintings of the flower went on display this week in Shanghai.

Australian Dahvida Falanitule has lived in Shanghai for 10 years and has an interest in traditional Chinese arts. He has seen Chinese paintings online before and was attracted by the combination of traditional Chinese skills and contemporary Western techniques. He was excited that he finally got a chance to see some in person.

“The way he does his linework, particularly with his brushes. The way lines he uses traditional ink with calligraphy. And the way the brushwork is, the free brushwork. And then when he is following his lineworks. I found that it is unique the way he approaches it. You know it all lies in the how,” said Falanitule.

Tang Zhaoji, 70, has been painting flowers and doing calligraphy for around 50 years. He has published more than 20 books of his work. An art museum named after him was opened in Shanghai four years ago.

“Western paintings focus on perspective and the hierarchical structure of the flower. I think it’s good to use these skills in creating large paintings,” Tang said.

Tang also paints flowers on fans and vases.

The exhibition runs until the end of this week at Jinghua Art Space in Jing’an District.