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Main structure of China pavilion for Milan World Expo wraps up

Updated: Mar 25,2015 7:44 AM

There’s slightly over month to go before the Milan World Expo opens. The event will be held from May the first until October.

Following a theme of “hopeful farmland, the source of life”, the China pavilion spans an area of 4590 square meters, making it the event’s second largest pavilion built by countries other than Italy itself. When the entire project is completed on April 20th, the building will look like billowing wheat field. The roof will be covered by bamboo, while allowing sunlight to shine through to the inner space.

The exhibition hall will be divided into five zones, which are themed as preface, heaven, earth, human and harmony.

“The idea behind the pavilion design is to show agricultural development in China, and how our grain yield feeds the people of the whole country,” said Jiang Zengwei, director of Milan World Expo China pavilion Organizing Committee.

The theme of this session of world expo is “Nurture the earth, the source of energy for life”. Apart from the China National Pavilion, there are two Chinese pavilions sponsored by companies. There is a joint pavilion of Chinese companies, and a pavilion represented by China’s real estate giant, Vanke.