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Flower worship rituals in central China’s Henan

Updated: Mar 19,2015 10:04 AM     

Peach blossoms are a symbol not only of the spring season, but also of Chinese mythical belief. Recently, a special peach blossom festival opened in the Qinglong Mountain scenic spot in central China’s Henan province.

Under the beauty of peach blossoms, performers in traditional costume, recreate a flower worship ceremony that has existed for over thousands of years.

Peach flowers symbolizing love and a good life in China, resonates with many with its romantism.

“The flower worship rituals dates back to 221 BC, during the pre-Qin Dynasty. It is usually held in February 12 or 15 on the Chinese lunar calender. And we want that tradition to live on,” said Qi Mo, one of the performers.

“We hope this kind of event will allow many to appreciate the peach blossoms but also learn something about our traditional cultures,” said Zhao Xiuqin, personnel at Qinglong Mountain Ciyun Temple Scenic Spot, Henan province.

Visitors can also plant their own peach trees and wait till next spring to see it bear fruit.

The peach blossom festival runs till the end of March.