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Chinese and US students make music together

Updated: Mar 17,2015 10:34 AM     

Around 400 high school students from China and the United States have worked together to stage a concert at Shanghai Symphony Hall. The musical performance is the first cultural exchange of its kind this year between teenagers from the two countries.

The highlight was a piece that combined a local ballad from Shanghai’s suburban Qingpu District with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The combination of a traditional Chinese music group from Shanghai and an orchestra from the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover attracted more than a thousand viewers, including some Chinese alumni of the American high school.

Although the young musicians had only five rehearsals, they did learn from each other and found they had a lot in common.

The two schools have worked with each other since 2001, and the cooperation will be bigger than ever this year.

The schools also exchanged ideas on other subjects. Students from both schools will go to Kunming in Yunnan province this summer to carry out a water quality research project.