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Kunqu Opera inspired by famous poem opens ticket sales

Updated: Mar 11,2015 10:24 AM

Inspired by Zhang Ruoxu’s poem “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River”, the Kunqu Opera centers around a man named “Zhang Ruoxu” who meets a girl on January 16th of the Chinese lunar calendar and falls deeply in love with her.

The opera will see how their love transcends life and death, defying all social conventions.

“We’ve chosen to open ticket sales on this romantic date, January 16th of the Chinese lunar calender, which is the equivalent of the West’s Valentine’s Day, and along the Huangpu River. It’s all about the romance,” said Zhang Jun, a Kunqu Opera artist.

Kunqu Opera has a 600-year history in China.

In 2001, it became China’s first addition on UNESCO’s Intangible world heritage lists.

“A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” will debut in Shanghai Grand Theater on June 26.