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Tulips blossom in southwest China’s Sichuan

Updated: Mar 3,2015 10:58 AM

Across the country, people are enjoying the first colorful bursts of the season as flowers begin to wake up from their winter slumber and bloom. For the people of Chengdu — in southwest China’s Sichuan province — they get to appreciate the exotic beauty of tulips, while further north, in Dalian, the new season is celebrated with a special calligraphy competition.

Here at Shixiang Lake in Chengdu, you can fill your senses with the abiding spirit of spring, as hundreds of tulip blossoms carpet the valley.

The basin hosts over 70 different kinds of tulips, some of which have been imported straight from their homeland in the Netherlands.

And as the various breeds of tulip stagger their seasonal arrival, visitors have until the end of April to witness this marvelous spectacle.

In Dalian, northeast China’s Liaoning province — locals there are celebrating the emergence of spring with a special calligraphy competition.

Stroke by stroke, 60 young calligraphers write the Chinese character Spring or ones related to the season.

The competition has also attracted nine foreign contestants, from countries such as Russia, Germany and the United States.