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Polar Bear siblings in Dalian turn four years old

Updated: Feb 27,2015 1:43 PM     

It’s not easy being an international star, but these celebrity siblings definitely enjoy the privilege and affection that come with their stardom. The polar bear siblings at Dalian’s Laohutan Ocean Park have turned four years old with a special celebration by their fans.

A polar cake for polar stars, and a polar ensemble singing “Happy Birthday.”

Pretty fancy for a polar bear, but not for these stars, who already have 110 thousand followers on their Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter.

And because they are the first polar bear siblings in Asia, they have also been getting a lot of TLC from their trainers, who act a second set of parents for the bears at the ocean park, and created a dedicated Weibo account for them.

The siblings’ fame has also helped promote a variety of education programs at the Ocean Park, such as marine and environmental protection. Their weibo message to invite people to Dalian’s Laohutan Ocean Park during the Golden Week holiday were read by more than 3 million people, so it looks like Dalian loves its polar pals.