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China to hold first military parade dedicated to World War II victory

Updated: Jan 28,2015 5:13 PM

For the first time, China will hold a military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the victory over Japanese forces. The announcement was made by China’s vice minister of public security and head of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Fu Zhenghua.

The parade will mark the first time the Chinese government has invited foreign leaders — including Russian President Vladimir Putin — to attend a military parade. Further details, including the time and venue of the parade are yet to be released.

According to Hong Kong’s Wenweipo newspaper, plans for a troop-review ceremony began during the annual Two Sessions meeting of China’s parliament and top advisory body.

The newspaper also said troops had begun training in Beijing’s suburbs, and that the parade could feature some of the country’s newest military equipment.

China suffered some 30 million casualties during the eight-year long war against Japanese aggression.