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Peking Opera troupe marks 60th anniversary

Updated: Jan 14,2015 3:00 PM

A series of 44 classic Peking Opera performances are being staged during the first three months of this year, to mark the China National Peking Opera Company’s 60th anniversary.

The shows are taking place at the Mei Lanfang Theatre in downtown Beijing, with well-known artists displaying the charm of Peking Opera performances. The art troupe, established in 1955, has staged more than 500 Peking Opera plays with various subjects and genres.

Chinese theater mogul Mei Lanfang was the organization’s first president. To commemorate the 120th anniversary of his birthday, Mei Baojiu, his son and successor, and the Beijing Peking Opera Theatre organized a world tour from 2013 to 2014.

Peking Opera, with a history of more than 200 years, is a synthesis of music, dance, and acrobatics and is widely regarded as a symbolic expression of Chinese culture. Many historical events were adapted into Peking Opera plays, which in the past were used to pass on history and ethical principles.