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New Year celebration activities across China

Updated: Jan 3,2015 11:27 AM

Celebrating New Year’s Eve is how some people like to draw one year to a close whilst embracing another. It is traditionally a time to spend with family and loved ones, and many try to enhance it by taking it to a special venue.

Shine bring like diamond. Last night in Changsha city, dynamic multidimensional projection lights illuminated the ancient city. The project was meant to create a cheerful festive atmosphere for citizens and tourists through a display of colorful, traditional and modern light art.

Changsha has attached a special focus to industrial development on the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River in recent years. Great efforts are being made to implement its urban development strategy so the city will unfold its wings along east and west banks of the river. And what’s a new year without some ice and snow?

People in the northern villages in China celebrated the new year with a series of fun ice activities.

“I am less busy during the winter season, because during the summer we go fishing, pick fruit and go boating on the river. So in winter, when the lake is frozen, I want to have the same fun as when I was a kid, so we go skiing and play the Frisbee, to add some entertainment in the countryside,” says a villager named Wang Xuewei.

Over in Jiangsu province, locals there held colourful activities to welcome the arrival of the New Year. A music art feast consisted of traditional opera, while crosstalk was performed to add humour to the evening.

In other cities like Zhenjiang, locals greeted the arrival of New Year in a positive way by running a marathon.

“I really like sports, and I love to run long distances, I gain a lot through running, it’s good exercise too,” says student named Xu Zhipeng.

Not afraid of the cold? Well, then winter swimming is not a bad idea or can enjoy the local fan dance.

And there’s more.

In another village called Sihong, its Bicycle Association volunteers helped clean the city to welcome 2015!