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Over 500 pieces on display at National Exhibition

Updated: Dec 18,2014 11:30 AM

The twelfth National Exhibition of Fine Arts has opened at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. This year’s exhibition showcases more than 500 pieces of artwork created by artists from across the country, including some of the award-winning works of the second Chinese Fine Art Awards and Creative Awards.

The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts is an intensive display of some of the great achievements in the Chinese art world in the past five years.

A total of 576 works of art are being showcased, including traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, lacquer arts, pottery wares and sculptures.

These works represent the cultural image of today’s China from unique aesthetic visual angles, highlighting Chinese artists’ broad vision and courage in their exploration of the art world.

One of the most eye-catching pieces is the painting by the married couple Chen Zhi and Wu Xin. It depicts an ordinary scene in family life, but visitors can easily feel the family members’ love for each other.

“I believe visitors are familiar with the scene depicted in this painting because it happens every day in every family,” Chen said. “However, sometimes we neglect moments like this. I hope this painting can remind people to treasure these ordinary yet precious moments in our lives.”

The National Exhibition of Fine Arts, launched in 1949, is held every five years. As one of the state-level cultural events, the exhibition has witnessed the development of fine arts in China. It now stands as an important platform for Chinese artists.

The exhibition in Beijing runs through January 4th, and afterward the artwork will be on display in Shanghai and the Shandong province.