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Skiing gains popularity in China

Updated: Dec 17,2014 11:52 AM

As temperatures continue to drop in Northern China, business is booming for many winter holiday resorts in Jilin province.

At the Chagan Lake, people are skiing, skating and motor racing on the frozen terrain. The lake is located near the city of Songyuan.

Meanwhile, in the city of Siping, the 4th Ice and Snow Tourism Festival is taking place at the Yehe Royal Ski Resort. Brave skiers speed down the mountain, adding excitement to the atmosphere.

In Tonghua, thousands of tourists go to Qianye Scenic Resort for skiing, skating, and sleigh riding. The resort has seen a peak in numbers over the past weekend, and many more visitors are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The city of Yanji in eastern Jilin is also a population destination for skiers. The Mengdu Ski Resort welcomes more than 2,000 skiers a day.

Jilin province has long been a popular tourist destination, especially for lovers of winter sports, and with the addition of more resorts and parks, the number of tourists is expected to rise in the coming years.