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Global contest to name Panda triplets draws 1.2m entries

Updated: Dec 16,2014 10:57 AM

The world’s only living panda triplets have finally been named, over three months after their birth at the Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park. The names were chosen through a worldwide competition, which drew over 1.2 million submissions.

These panda cubs have been international celebrities since they were born on July 29th.

But until Dec 15, they didn’t have names.

A worldwide naming contest was launched on their one-month birthday. And the winning entries were finally unveiled at a naming ceremony at the Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park.

Meet Mengmeng, Shuaishuai and Kuku.

“The names were chosen to reflect each cub’s characters. These names are popular, and we hope the panda cubs will grow healthier,” Dong Guixin, general manager of Chimelong Safari Park, said.

Mengmeng is the oldest sister. Her name means “cute”.

Shuaishuai, meaning “handsome”, and Kuku, meaning “cool”, are her two younger brothers.

Panda lovers gave their thumbs up to the choices.

Also a the ceremony, pianist Li Yundi was named the Panda Ambassador. He played various melodies for the three cubs, calling for the protection for their species.

Since the panda triplets made their debut in public, around a thousand panda lovers have seen them everyday. Now that they have been given names, excitement around them is sure to grow, with more visitors ever keener to follow their growth.