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Sichuan in search for Europe’s biggest panda lovers

Updated: Nov 20,2014 3:20 PM     cntv

The government of southwest China’s Sichuan province is on the lookout for Europe’s biggest panda fans. The province has launched a program to rally the continent’s panda enthusiasts, offering them the opportunity to travel across a dozen countries to see where their favorite animals were born and raised.

A panda lover’s dream come true.

Organizers in Sichuan will embark on a journey to find panda fans in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Spain.

Two people will be selected from each country to join the “panda fan group”.

“I think pandas are patient and tender, which is what you feel when you’re in Chengdu, where people are very relaxed. So they match very well,” said Ander Cornet, panda fan from Belgium.

In February 2015, the panda fan group will drive across Europe, all the way through Vietnam, to arrive in southwest China, tallying around 210, 000 kilometers.

“Basically the entire tour covers up about one third of areas in Sichuan province, including our major tourist scenic areas. The entire journey will cover over 10 countries and regions before finally reaching China. There will also be 13 promotional activities during the trip,” said Hao Kangli, director of Sichuan Tourism Administration.

Anyone over 18 years old is qualified to register between December 15th to January 14th. Interested participants can go to for more information.