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State Council inspection finds overcharge by local authorities

Updated: Aug 26,2018 7:11 AM     Xinhua

BEIJING — A State Council inspection team has found that local transport authorities in the city of Zibo in Shandong have misused their power to overcharge truck drivers.

The local transport authorities were found to have required trucks carrying chemical products to install two sets of GPS systems of similar function, the inspection found.

While the transport bureau of Zibo has mandated trucks to install a set of GPS, lower-level transport authorities at Linzi District of Zibo have made similar requests. Truck drivers must buy both sets of equipment to pass the annual vehicle checks.

The equipment cost, about 10,000 yuan ($1,455), added to the burden of companies, according to a preliminary investigation by inspectors.

China has been trying to lower the corporate burden with measures such as the removal of some road tolls in provincial-level regions.

The violation was first found during unannounced checks by inspectors after a tip-off.

Starting on Aug 22, 31 State Council inspection teams were sent across the country to ensure major policies issued by central authorities are being implemented.

Each team will stay at one provincial area for 10 to 12 days, conducting open talks and private interviews with people in communities, hospitals, schools, businesses, research institutes and government service halls. The inspection teams will also open social media accounts to receive complaints from the public.

The State Council said it would take follow-up measures to address the issues found during the inspection.