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Nationality rule on science awards to be lifted

Updated: Jun 29,2018 8:57 AM     China Daily

China is planning to update the regulation on its top science awards by lifting the restriction on the nationality of winners, Beijing Youth Daily reported on June 27.

The revision changes those eligible from “citizens” to “individuals”, making it possible for foreign nationals to receive the National Science and Technology Awards.

The number of awards in natural science, technological invention and scientific technical progress will be adjusted from 400 to fewer than 300 in total, and the recipients of the China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award, for foreign scientists, will not exceed 10 each year, under the revised rules.

It also adds provisions stipulating that the rules, procedures and results of the nomination and review of the top science awards should be publicized and subject to social supervision.

The revised regulation also strengthens punishment, saying winners who have plagiarized or by any other means cheated on the awards will be penalized and the prize revoked.

Awards publicity must be objective, accurate and without exaggeration or false content, the revision states. No commercial promotion of goods or services may be done in the name of the National Science and Technology Award winners, it said.

The current regulation on National Science and Technology Awards was passed in 1999. The Ministry of Science and Technology has submitted the revised regulation to the State Council for approval.

The public’s suggestions on the revised rules were published on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

China gives the National Science and Technology Awards to scientists for their outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation every year. The awards are presented by State leaders at the annual ceremony.