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Beijing to further restrict nonlocal vehicles to address congestion, pollution

Updated: Jun 15,2018 7:33 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — Beijing’s relevant authorities rolled out a new regulation on June 15 to target vehicles with nonlocal license plates in a bid to relieve congestion and reduce emissions.

According to the regulation, nonlocal vehicles are only allowed to apply for the entry permit 12 times a year. Each permit is valid for seven days, meaning a nonlocal vehicle is only allowed within Beijing’s Sixth Ring Road for a maximum of 12 weeks a year.

The entry permit is provided to nonlocal vehicles coming to Beijing for a temporary period of time. However, the city’s lottery system for issuing license plates, which grants a very limited number of plates to local applicants, has propelled many to register cars in other cities and then drive them to Beijing.

The municipal government said an average of 130,000 entry permits are issued every day, about 910,000 permits every week. Close to 709,000 nonlocal vehicles are used in Beijing on a regular basis by continuously renewing entry permits.

Interprovincial coaches, tourist buses, military, police and ambulance vehicles are not restricted, said the regulation, which is jointly issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and Beijing Traffic Management Bureau. The regulation will come into effect Nov 1, 2019.

The traffic management authority said it will enhance law enforcement and punishment of traffic-related offenses.