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Terracotta Warriors’ home to build archaeological museum

Updated: Dec 29,2017 2:41 PM

The Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. [Photo/China Daily]

A museum of archaeology will be built in Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, where the Terracotta Warriors and horses were discovered.

Construction of the Shaanxi museum of archaeology started on Dec 28 in Chang’an district of the provincial capital of Xi’an.

The museum will include exhibition areas, a technical protection center, as well as a tourist information center, according to Sun Zhouyong, head of Shaanxi research institute of archaeology.

At an estimated cost of 540 million yuan ($82.5 million), the museum will cover 36,000 square meters.

The museum is funded the by Shaanxi provincial government.

Shaanxi is famous for its rich archaeological resources, including the Mausoleum of Qinshihuang and its Terracotta Warriors army.