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UN official: China a world exemplar in technological innovation

Updated: Oct 27,2017 5:10 PM

With the recent succession of ground-breaking technological innovations coming to the fore and corresponding international collaborations taking place, China has become a world exemplar for technological innovation and application, constantly adding new drivers to the global economic development, according to Wang Ruijun, president of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development of the United Nations (UNCSTD).

Some of the significant approaches China adopted to propel technological innovation have been widely recognized by the international community, Wang said. Its campaign for mass entrepreneurship and innovation was included in a resolution passed by the United Nations on April 27 this year.

According to a report on China’s international technological cooperation, jointly issued by the National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation (NCSTE) and Clarivate Analytics, China’s central role in collaborations rose to 7th in 2015, from 10th in 2006, while the scale of collaborations ascended to 4th place. China is on the cutting edge of global economic development, Forbes reported.

In a bid to promote international technological cooperation, China has built partnerships with 158 nations, regions, and international organizations, signed 111 inter-governmental agreements, joined more than 200 inter-governmental organizations, as of the beginning of this year. It is also worth noting that China trained approximately 10,000 technicians for over 120 developing countries from 2001 to 2015, said Wang.

China has been taking the initiative in advancing multilateral technological cooperation to promote global sustainable development. For example, the country played a role in promoting leaders of the G20 to reach agreement on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development during the G20 summit held in Hangzhou in September last year. Also, a declaration released by the 2017 BRICS Xiamen summit emphasized efforts for the action plan, said Wang.

China traces sustainable development to its source, and attaches great importance to environmental protection and strategic biological industries. For example, it has seen remarkable social benefits in such fields as desertification and degraded alpine meadow alleviation. Meanwhile, its bio-industry and marine industry surpassed the revenue milestones of 3.5 trillion yuan ($520 billion) and 6 trillion yuan, respectively. This mode inspires the rest of the world, said Wang.