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Intl fair boosts global trade in services

Li You
Updated: Jun 2,2017 7:45 AM     China Daily

The signing ceremony was a highlight at the end of the 2017 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, which served as a major event and facilitated 241 agreements with a total value of $72.18 billion.

The fair, also known as the 2017 CIFTIS, took place from May 28 to June 1 and received about 72,000 exhibiting participants and visitors from 96 countries.

Visitors and business partners communicated interactively in the 50,000-square-meter exhibition area, according to the organization committee.

“This year’s fair resulted in plentiful and prominent fruits, which have played a crucial role in deepening global cooperation in trade and services, promoting the freedom of markets, boosting industries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province,” said Yan Ligang, deputy director of the 2017 CIFTIS organization committee.

Beijing Theme Day saw the signing ceremony of more than 40 major agreements for projects to be launched in Beijing, with the projects’ total value reaching $15.1 billion.

Among those agreements, 75 percent are engaged in finance, culture, technology, computers and information services.

2017 CIFTIS has also facilitated 169 agreements related to the Beijing area, with a total value of $55.2 billion.

The fair was a medium to display new phenomena such as convention and exhibition services, e-commerce, healthcare, cultural innovation, global trade and high-tech innovation.

Digital technology

The 2017 China Digital Creativity and Innovation Summit held on the last day of the fair highlighted the digital technology involved in video content innovation.

Industrial insiders gathered at the summit, exchanging information and seeking win-win cooperation in the fields of content creation, resource sharing, industrial integration and investment.

With the theme “Top the Innovation, Crown the Content”, the summit invited video experts and enterprise heads to take part in a discussion to further explore the content and form of programming from the children’s perspective.

As one of the organizers of the summit, the children’s channel on Tencent Holdings’ video website announced its hopes for new TV programs, copyright introduction and advertisements.

For those just starting up a business, it is common to outsource their accounts and tax management work to professional accounting agencies. Though their businesses are diverse, their requirements in accounting and tax services are often the same.

Beijing Huacai Accounting seized upon the common demands of those small and microenterprises, generalizing a systematic service procedure based on the information collected through their big data platform.

The innovative procedure provides a solution to challenges in sharing information in different regions and has set up a national-level service network.

“For our company, the 2017 CIFTIS is not only a stage on which to show our own business, but also a platform where we can exchange information with our business partners. We are looking forward to witnessing the improvement of the whole accounting industry via the high-tech methods brought about by the internet, artificial intelligence and big data,” said Yang Mengyi, board secretary of the accounting company.

Intellectual property

Some traditional intellectual property agencies’ services usually include patent application, litigation and analysis. However, for the next generation of enterprises, the intellectual property means much more.

Iptalent Consulting, an IP management agency, is innovating their business model by introducing a combined method to manage their clients’ intellectual property and business.

The company has gathered hundreds of lawyers, consultants, patent agents, technical experts and management experts in the past 20 years to provide comprehensive IP consultant services.

“Our idea is that all the advantages of enterprises can be expressed through their intellectual property,” said Liang Yan, deputy general manager of the company.

“Through the fair, we performed in-depth communication with our business partners and identified potential customers.”