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Expo offers glimpse of futuristic life

Updated: May 29,2017 9:22 AM     Xinhua

GUIYANG — A big data expo held in Southwest China’s Guizhou province has offered a glimpse into the futuristic life.

At the 2017 China International Big Data Expo that kicked off on May 25 in Guiyang, the provincial capital, hundreds of exhibitors displayed a variety of high-tech products that could be used in everyday life.

At the booth of Alibaba, visitors waited in long queues to experience the e-commerce powerhouse’s “face-recognition payment system.”

“Once you finish real-name registration in the system, the profile picture of your ID card will be stored,” said Chen Caiying, an employee working at the booth. “After showing your face in front of the camera, you can finish payment within seconds.”

“What if I had plastic surgery?” asked a visitor.

“Well, it depends,” Chen laughed. “The data is based on your facial features, so if you just had a double eyelid operation or just wear a color contact lens, that’s ok.”

In the nearby Tencent booth, a first-aid kit drew attention. It had four description cards that have links to videos of emergency treatment, which could be viewed on a mobile phone.

“With the videos, you can learn emergency treatment within 15 to 30 seconds,” an employee said.

Local companies in Guizhou also displayed some novel products.

For example, a smart entrance guard system developed by Zhihui Yunshang Technology makes a friend’s visit to your home safe.

“If a friend visits your house while you are away, he or she can press your room number in the system,” said the company’s chairman Dai Shijie. “You can then have a video call with your friend via the system, and after your permission, your friend can go into your house to wait for you.”

Dai said that the system also allows door unlocking via key card, mobile application, password and face recognition.

“The system also analyzes regular visitors in the neighborhood, and will send you an alarm when strangers come to your house,” Dai said.