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Chinese passports become more powerful

Updated: Mar 29,2017 11:30 AM

In recent years, Chinese nationals have found it more convenient to travel overseas as more and more countries are opening their doors wider to China with visa-free policies, expended visa validity and simplified application procedures. Here are some of the most recent examples.

May 2017 New Zealand

Multiple entry visas for Chinese businessmen and tourists into New Zealand will be extended to five years from three years and Chinese passport holders will be allowed to use SmartGate entry when traveling to the country.

January 2017 Serbia

China and Serbia’s mutual visa-free agreement goes into effect, allowing holders of ordinary Chinese passports to enjoy a visa-free entry to Serbia for a stay of up to 30 days. Serbia is the first country in Europe to grant Chinese passport holders visa-free entry.

December 2016 Australia

Chinese tourists are able to apply for a 10-year multiple entry visa to Australia. Under the new visa, visitors are not allowed to work, and can stay for up to three months at a time. A fast track is established to offer visa services for Chinese applicants exclusively and online applications in Chinese simplified language is available to facilitate the whole process.

October 2016 Japan

Japan’s five-year, multi-entry visas particularly for Chinese businessmen, academics and artists are extended to 10 years. Visa requirements for certain applicants are lowered and single-entry visa application procedures are simplified for students from 75 universities under the direct supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Education. These include registered undergraduates and post graduates, as well as alumni who graduated from the 75 schools within three years.

June 2016 Morocco

Morocco exempts visas for Chinese tourists and allows a stay of up to 90 days.

June 2016 Ecuador

A bilateral agreement passed Ecuador’s National Assembly, enabling Chinese citizens to stay in Ecuador for a single stay of up to 90 days over the course of a year with no visa.

June 2016 Ukraine

Ukraine launches a pilot project to issue visas on arrival for Chinese citizens at the Boryspil airport from June 20 to Sept 30 2016. The policy is later extended with no specific expiration date.

April 2016 Netherlands

The Netherlands extends the validity of its visa for Chinese passport holders to five years and decides to open 11 new visa application centers in China.

January 2016 the United Kingdom

The UK launches a new two-year visa system for Chinese nationals visiting the country, enabling business people to attend conferences or to investigate setting up a business, and tourists from China to make multiple trips to the UK.

January 2016 ROK

The Republic of Korea (ROK) starts issuing 10-year multiple entry visas to Chinese nationals who are specialized professionals, such as lawyers, professors or anyone with a master’s degree or above. The length of stay for each visit is extended from 30 days to 90 days.