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NPC deputies say State Council takes lead in solving problems

Updated: Mar 14,2017 4:25 PM

For the deputies of National People’s Congress (NPC), the two sessions is a platform to submit suggestions and advice. This is a selection of their comments on this year’s government work report, their concerns about domestic issues, and suggestions on how to solve and improve them.

Tan Mengxi, NPC deputy and manager of Maonan Food Factory in Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region

“I am concerned most about the targeted poverty alleviation issue. And I suggest the government increase efforts in the poverty alleviation work through encouraging the development of tourism industry in Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county,” said Tan.

The Maonan ethnic group lives in the northern part of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, where mountainous areas are not fit for agriculture development. As a deputy from this area, Tan expects government to pay more attention to local development.

He suggested measures such as increasing policy support, giving more subsidies to relocated people as a result of building expressways and relaxing the tourism loan restrictions.

Ya Tingke, NPC deputy and worker at Janning Water Group in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region

“I care most about the overcapacity cut issue. And what impressed me most is the government’s policies on arranging the redundant employees last year,” said Ya.

His other concern is about increasing the pension fund for enterprise retirees.

Ma Wenfang, NPC deputy and rural doctor at Liuzhuang village in Xutong county, Henan province

“I strongly agree with the government’s policy on improving people’s lives and increasing basic medical insurance subsidies for rural and non-working urban residents from 420 yuan to 450 yuan per capita per annum,” said Ma.

He gave suggestions on care of left-behind children, investment increases in rural education, improving pre-school education in rural areas, and the pollution issue in rural areas.

Li Xinrong, NPC deputy and member of the Party committee of Masi village in Xincheng county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region

“The Premier’s speech on targeted poverty alleviation impressed me most,” said Li. She added that it shows the Premier’s courage to face and reveal the poverty situation in China.

She hoped the government could increase the purchases in social services such as poverty alleviation, senior care and education for special groups.

Li expected the Ministry of Education could take measures to help physically challenged children enjoy the same education as all children.

Liu Xiya, NPC deputy and headmaster at Xiejiawan primary school in Chongqing

Most of the measures proposed in the government work report are very practical, and sound more like the Premier’s discussion with ordinary people about the country’s obstacles and how to overcome them, said Liu.

“I feel that the government knows what’s troubling the people, and even clearly lists targeted measures,” she said. “I think the State Council has taken the lead in solving problems.”

Liu said that she believed government at all levels will follow the State Council’s steps to serve the people.

She suggested the government pay more attention to school courses, teachers and the students’ situation in schools, and improve the investment structure of education funds to shift from mass development to quality education.

Chen Fenxin, NPC deputy and Party head of Wangyuan village in Xunyang county, Shaanxi province

The Premier’s work report covered almost every field, from how to govern the country to the housing and food issues of common people, said Chen.

His suggestions mostly surround the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. And he suggested increasing the investment in infrastructure in western areas, promoting agricultural industrialization and providing more training for farmers.