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New rule changes to take note of in October

Updated: Oct 2,2016 3:41 PM

A number of policies and regulations took effect on Oct 1, 2016, which will have an influence on our lives.

- One unified certificate to replace five business licenses

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce and four other ministries have issued a notice to accelerate the unification of five business licenses to promote business registration reform.

The notice made it clear that enterprises that have already received social insurance and statistical registration certificates do not need to resubmit the old ones. The old certificates that have been issued will continue to be effective until Jan 1, 2018. Business licenses under the unified code will be used after the transition period.

- Stricter rules on powdered milk

China Food and Drug Administration issued a document on the registration of powdered milk for infants.

According to the new regulation, applicants need to submit labels and instructions for their products. The rule includes specific provisions about the expressions used on the labels and instructions. For example, raw materials need to specify places of origin rather than using vague information; expressions such as “improving immunity” cannot be used or implied; and words like “zero additives” cannot be used to describe the non-use of substances banned by related food safety standards. Fake or exaggerated information is not allowed and all claims must be consistent with the registration document.

- Rules on online platforms’ food safety

According to the new rule released by China Food and Drug Administration, third-party online platforms should take responsibility for poor-quality food products sold on their platforms.

Online platforms must establish a sound system to check vendors’ qualifications and the quality of their products. Those that have no such censorship systems or do not publish information about the systems will be warned or fined between 5,000 ($749) and 30,000 yuan by local food and drug authorities.

- New rule on driving training and exams

The new rules on training and exams for motor vehicle drivers, issued by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security, will replace the existing rules implemented in 2012.

The new regulations made some changes in time and content of the training and exams, requiring a minimum of 300 kilometers of on-the-road driving practice.

- Amended regulations on vehicle purchase tax

The State Administration of Taxation has amended the current rules on collection and management of vehicle purchase tax, with new provisions on the service life of vehicles that no longer meet the requirement of tax exemption.

The new rule removed provisions on residence certificates issued by police.

- Trial operation of non-vehicle-owner freight carriers

The Ministry of Transport will conduct pilot programs across China of non-vehicle-owner freight carriers, a type of freight brokers that don’t own vehicles, from October of this year to next December.

Provincial transport authorities are asked to plan detailed pilot programs and select enterprises for trial operations by the end of November.