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City aims to be center of energy innovation

Du Juan
Updated: Sep 3,2016 11:27 AM     China Daily

Beijing will continue to focus on energy technology innovation during the 13th Five-Year-Plan period (2016-20), in order to contribute to the country’s economic growth, a municipal government official said this week.

Zhang Hong, an official with the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said the capital will accelerate scientific technology innovation in the energy sector and promote industrial integration in the coming years.

“By the end of 2017, Beijing plans to achieve 50 advanced technology innovations at the international level and establish eight energy scientific innovation centers in the city,” he said.

To better serve the country’s traditional and new energy development, Beijing has supported around 70 scientific research projects, the results of which can be used directly in oil and gas, coal and nuclear industries.

“In this way, Beijing’s role in the country’s energy strategy has been further improved,” Zhang said. For instance, the commission supported PetroChina Co Ltd’s liquefied natural gas delivery technology research, the result of which has been used in a super-large LNG delivery project in the Arctic Circle, bringing the company a contract valued at more than 1 billion yuan ($150 million).

The commission also participated in China National Nuclear Corp’s containment technology research, which has been applied in nuclear power stations in Pakistan and which helped China’s nuclear industry go global.

In addition to the traditional and clean energy sectors, Beijing also made great efforts in new energy development, especially in solar and wind power, aiming to cut carbon emissions and protect the environment.

According to the commission, Beijing has achieved a series of technology achievements in high-efficiency solar-power batteries.

Zhang Yongfeng, an official with the new energy and new materials department of the commission, said Beijing has supported 12 research projects on solar-power batteries, with social capital investment of around 30 million yuan ($4.5 million).

The government also sees the commercialization of technology research as a serious task. The city has built several solar power and wind power stations in Yanqing and Fangshan districts.

Li Xuehong, head of the science and technology commission in the Changping district, said the district has attracted 570 energy scientific and technology companies, including the Smart Grid Industrial Park of the China Electric Power Research Institute, the nuclear research center of Tsinghua University.

An international wind power exhibition held in Beijing, which is to promote new energy innovation and development in the capital city.[Photo/China Daily]