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Passengers to enjoy high-speed internet on high-speed trains

Updated: Aug 25,2016 2:30 PM

Through a simple mobile app, high-speed rail passengers can use Wi-Fi connections via their laptops and smartphones to browse the internet, send messages and watch over 30 broadcast programs – the scenario will become reality soon.

China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC), a leading company in network and information services, has completed installing satellite equipment for Wi-Fi connection on five high-speed trains. The equipment is undergoing further tests and is expected to put to use by the end of this year.

The system is aimed at solving signal issues caused by the impact of high-speed forces and rapid signal handovers.

“This technique’s speed capacity now is 500 kilometers or more per hour, and the upper speed limit of high-speed rail in our country is 350,” said Zhang Jie, a senior engineer from CETC, adding that the technique allows 700 people to use it simultaneously. The capacity for high-speed rail is 560.

According to Wang Hailong, deputy director of CETC’s product R&D center, the technique has been used in the military field for satellite communications, and CETC applied it to the internet industry for civilian use in early 2015.