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New agricultural businesses doing well

Updated: Aug 22,2016 1:47 PM Daily

According to a recently released survey, new agricultural business entities have offered more abundant human and social resources for agricultural production, and their scale and integrated operation have yielded high profits, with an increasing effect on villages, farmers, and agriculture.

The national survey covers all new business entities, with evaluation based on development potential, economic, social and ecological performance, and growth perspective.

Statistics revealed that people engaged in new agricultural business entities are younger, with better education, and male labor forces still make up a large share of the labor-consuming industry.

New agricultural business entities are providing more commercial, political and financial resources, alleviating, to some extent, financing headaches and weak market connections in agricultural operations.

Despite slowing agricultural production and investment in recent years, new agricultural business entities have demonstrated strong growth, with rising operation scale and good profitability.

As the driving force of agricultural supply-side reform, new agricultural business entities are paying great attention to product quality and driving new businesses in rural areas.

Such driving effect could also be felt in the support of farmers and rural construction.

Low share of water-saving irrigation and waste recycling remains, but new entities are increasing input in environmental protection and pollution treatment, according to the survey.