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New highlights of taxation resources

Updated: May 11,2016 2:18 PM

The State Administration of Taxation recently released an analysis of the top 500 tax-paying enterprises in 2015 nationwide. According to the analysis, the top 500 enterprises paid 2.77 trillion yuan in taxes in 2015, accounting for 22.4 percent of all tax income received by tax departments nationwide.

Advanced manufacturing industry made a growing contribution in 2015. The sales revenue of information system integration service and communication system equipment manufacturing increased 21.3 percent and 30.1 percent, respectively; the tax they paid increased 53.2 percent and 58.3 percent year-on-year.

In addition, computer manufacturing, medicine and railway facility manufacturing also added more to the tax rolls.

Among the 500 top tax-paying enterprises, 74 private enterprises paid 179.8 billion yuan, which is an increase of 32.6 percent year-on-year.

Insurance and brokerage industries paid 12.7 billion yuan and 14.1 billion yuan, respectively, surging 193 percent and 135 percent.

According to the Taxation Administration, the phenomenon shows that the vitality of private economy was stimulated by policy guidance such as mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Among the 17 advanced manufacturing enterprises, 13 are located in East China, two are in Northeast China and two are in the central area. Among the 74 private enterprises, 57 are located in the east. The tax they paid reached 132.4 billion yuan, which accounted for 74 percent of the total contribution.

Of the total tax paid by the top 500 enterprises in 2015, enterprises in East China contributed 63.6 percent.

The good development trend in the east benefits from the accelerated industrial structure transformation in the region, according to the Taxation Administration.