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China wants better infrastructure, public services in rural areas

Updated: Jan 27,2016 9:37 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — A policy document released on Jan 27 demands better infrastructure and public services in rural areas become a focus of fiscal support and government work in China.

The rural population can expect state-funded infrastructure construction to provide safer drinking water and home, access to electricity and roads, and better transportation, according to the central authorities’ document on speeding up modernization drive in rural areas.

Townships and cities with big inflows of rural migrant workers will be the priority for improved public services.

Preschool education will expand in rural areas, and compulsory education at primary and middle schools will be reinforced. High-school students who cannot afford them will be exempt from tuition fees. More teachers will be recruited.

Farmers will enjoy better subsidized access to the medical insurance system, while the old-age and child care systems will be improved.

The document expresses the objective of equal education and job opportunities for rural women and protection of their rights in seeking income from property and accessing financial resources.

Projects will be carried out in garbage treatment, tree planting and river cleaning to ensure a more livable environment for rural residents.