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State Council policy briefings focus on people’s well-being

Updated: Dec 22,2015 2:18 PM

The economy and people’s well-being were the main topics of the State Council policy briefings this year.

Starting on Jan 16, apart from several special occasions, such as Spring Festival and National Day holidays, 39 policy briefings were held in 2015.

The policy briefing is aimed at interpreting the State Council’s major meetings, plans, and policies and providing more information to the media, thus helping people get a better understanding of government policies and China’s economic and social development, said Guo Weimin, news spokesman for the State Council Information Office, speaking at the first State Council policy briefing.

Economic issues were the most frequently discussed topics at the policy briefings, such as national economic and social development in 2014, economic system reform in 2015, Made in China 2025, social security fund, high speed broadband, and Internet Plus.

People’s well-being, regarding the medical care system, education, poverty alleviation, support for the disabled, and affordable housing project, were also among the hot issues at the policy briefings.

In addition, streamlining administration and delegating power to lower-level governments, entrepreneurship, environment protection, agriculture, tourism and intellectual property rights protection were also discussed.

Around 30 domestic and foreign media, such as China National Radio, China Daily, Bloomberg News, Phoenix Satellite TV, Wall Street Journal, Kyodo News Service, Reuters, and NHK, were routinely invited to the State Council policy briefings.