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Smart manufacturing to boost industry, spur new revolution

Updated: Nov 19,2015 11:30 AM

The initiative of “Made in China 2025”, combined with the “intelligent manufacturing” model and new information technology such as big data and cloud computing, is expected to trigger a new manufacturing revolution.

For example, China’s petrochemical sector, a traditional industry key to the national economy, has long been faced with overcapacity. However, the industry can find a way with smarter transformation, which can help reduce cost and improve efficiency.

The government also seeks to guarantee production security of the petrochemical industry, raising specific requirements regarding production, storage and relocation of dangerous chemicals.

Smart manufacturing can help boost the core competitiveness of enterprises. Construction of smart factories will stimulate changes in production and management methods, which will help enterprises optimize technological process and cut costs.

Moreover, smart manufacturing can enhance the production safety of dangerous chemicals. With key technology such as big data and cloud computing, enterprises can adopt automatic surveillance of combustible gas, hazardous materials and waste water, and can issue early warnings. Thus, the risk for accidents can be minimized.

In addition, smarter manufacturing will also spur innovation, and the development of hardware and software with independent intelligent property rights, which is expected to improve the quality of China’s manufacturing.

The government will continue to beef up financial and policy support to boost the initiative.