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French author shares his opinion about China

Updated: Sep 22,2015 5:01 PM

Reporters from the Economic Daily recently interviewed Lionel Vairon, a former French diplomat and an avid China watcher. Vairon is also the author of China Threat? The Challenges, Myths and Realities of China’s Rise.

In recent years, some have said the Chinese economy would break down in a few years. Vairon, however, said that China is still the country that contributes the most to the world economy, and it is inappropriate to blame China for unrelated problems.

Vairon said China’s ability to deal with challenges is getting stronger. Objective and genuine reports should be based on understanding rather than imagining and guessing, he said.

At the moment, the Chinese economy is facing many challenges. From Vairon’s perspective, the measures being taken by the Chinese government will be effective.

Regarding Sino-French relations, Vairon said that apart from trade, the two countries should strengthen communication and mutual trust on a political level.

Vairon said that currently, China and France are developing third-party practical cooperation in Africa. French enterprises in Africa can purchase facilities from China, while the French side can give investment suggestions to Chinese institutions in Africa.

Vairon also suggests that Chinese enterprises try to learn the local culture and system, as they are representing China. Enhancing communication with local government and people is not only good for the sustainable development of Chinese companies, but also for boosting China’s image worldwide, he said.