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Results of State Council supervision campaign published

Updated: Aug 27,2015 2:54 PM

The State Council recently published the results of a supervision campaign that started in May, exposing wrongdoing by officials.

A total of 59 cadres from seven provinces, including Liaoning, Anhui and Gansu, were found to have neglected their duties or been involved in misconduct concerning approval, decision and supervision while implementing policies.

Some of those officials have been punished for breach of Party disciplines and government rules, while a few others faced criminal punishment.

The campaign, aimed at promoting the implementation of policies, was launched by the State Council during late May and mid-June.

The results showed that inaction by officials was seriously dealt with, as required by the State Council at an executive meeting in early July.

Luo Junfeng, former director of the planning bureau in Qingyang, Gansu province, was removed from his post and demoted to vice-county level, for not carrying out policies regarding the cancellation of administrative charges.

In Siping, Jilin province, the renovation of 8,165 housing units in shantytowns, accounting for 87.2 percent of the total, were not renovated as planned last year, but the authorities submitted a false report instead. As a result, then vice-mayor Wang Yu, who was in charge of the shantytown renovation, was given a warning for dereliction of duty in the auditing process; Liu Tongming, director of Siping’s bureau of housing and urban-rural development, was also given a demerit on his record.

In Huai’nan, Anhui province, 11,091 units of affordable housing projects were not built on time, and the apartments were distributed in a way that is against the regulations. A total of 17 officials, including Cheng Zude, vice-mayor of Huai’nan, have received punishment for violating the discipline. And two of them were transferred to judicial organs on suspicion of crimes.

In addition, some officials in Hua’an county in Fujian province and Gulin county in Sichuan province, who were responsible for obtaining central government subsidies for the closure of small enterprises with false papers, have received punishment accordingly.

An official involved in the campaign said that ensuring the implementation of policies is crucial to building a law-based and responsible government.

However, different degrees of wrongdoing have occurred in some areas, which had a negative impact on developing the local economy and improving people’s lives. The public has already lodged strong protests and complaints.

The State Council demands that the campaign results be known to the public, the official said.

Local authorities involved have promised they would learn from the mistakes and change their way of working, in order to improve the government’s credibility and ensure the implementation of policies as soon as possible.

At present, investigations are still being conducted by State Council departments over the use of public funds, the delay of investment projects within the central budget and idle land. The results will be made known to the public.