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Death toll rises to 85, over 720 hospitalized

Updated: Aug 15,2015 3:44 PM

The Tianjin Municipal Government has confirmed that the death toll from two powerful blasts in the port area of the city on Aug 12 has risen to 85.

In a press conference earlier in the morning, officials said 21 firefighters were among the dead. More than 720 people have been hospitalized so far with injuries. Authorities also said they had identified some of the dangerous chemicals stored in the warehouse from Customs documents. Some of the chemicals identified include Cyanide and Benzene.

Officials also said constant monitoring of air and water quality was being undertaken in the area around the blast site. They also said most of the major fires had been put out. Firefighters are continuing to search the site for possible trapped victims, with dozens still reported missing. The city’s fire department said as of Aug 14, 44 people had been rescued. That includes a 19-year-old firefighter, who is receiving treatment at the Teda Hospital.

According to initial estimates, 17,000 households and one thousand 700 enterprises have been affected by the blasts. Six thousand 300 people have been relocated. Tianjin authorities say they have received 1.7 million yuan in donations, daily necessities and medicines.