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Kunming attracts investment funds worth billions of yuan

Li Xiaoxu and Yang Fan
Updated: Jun 18,2015 2:48 PM

Kunming, capital city of southwest China’s Yunnan province, signed deals involving 98 investment projects during the 3rd China-South Asia (CSA) Expo, held in the city from June 12 to 16, according to the local authorities.

During the ongoing expo, total investment reached nearly 100 billion yuan ($16.11 billion).

Among those signed projects, 11 are foreign funded and worth $589 million. The rest 87 projects are being invested by Chinese enterprises and worth 96.1 billion yuan.

These projects range from manufacturing, transportation and environment protection to tourism. The foreign investors are mainly from Canada, while, the Chinese investments primarily come by the businessmen hailing from Shanghai, Fujian and Yunnan provinces.

Comparing with projects signed at the former CSA Expo, this year, Kunming’s investment projects feature larger investment funds. For example, there are 66 projects worth more than 100 million yuan each, and the largest investment project involves 12.3 billion yuan. In addition, more new projects lined up with Kunming’s new industrial structure.