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2014 captured in words that really matter

Su Zhou
Updated: Dec 23,2014 9:07 AM     China Daily

The 2014 Words of the Year in China are “law” and “anti-corruption” while the Words of the Year worldwide are “lost” and “Malaysia Airlines”, according to a decision of the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, the Commercial Press and People’s Daily released on Dec 19.

The judges evaluated words suggested by more than 230 million people online as most representative of 2014.

The evaluation committee said “govern the country under rule of law” was the most important topic of the year, and the word “law” fully deserved the honor.

“Malaysia Airlines” also topped many lists.

“Law is the most important prerequisite for reform in different fields,” the committee said. “When we talk about ‘governance of the country’, anti-corruption and environmental protection, we are talking about them under the rule of law.”

The committee thought the central government’s anti-corruption campaign so far had raised public confidence in the country’s future and also their lives, which really “injected positive energy into the whole society”.

At the same time people didn’t give up on the lost MH370. “Malaysia Airlines” expressed the hope of people across the world for a miracle, the committee said.

The organizers also released the Top 10 Catch-phrases, Top 10 Online Expressions and Top 10 New Expressions, including “APEC Blue”, “Anti-Ebola” and “Ice Bucket Challenge”.

Zheng Jinran and Wang Xiaodong contributed to this story.